Staking Rewards on NoonSwap Available Liquid Options

NoonSwap Liquid Options stake and earn APY on various tokens and earn rewards

NoonSwap platform is offering multiple liquid options for staking to earn high APY Rewards, at NoonSwap it’s easier to get started with staking to earn rewards, just buy Assets, Enter into Stake and start earning APY.  

For Stake NoonX Tokens in NoonSwap Platform follow below steps: 

Step 1: 

Create Your Account at with basic account creation details. 

Step 2: 

Verify your email, then login to

Step 3: 

Go to Portfolio and fund your account with Deposit USDT

Step 4: 

Go to Swap NoonX and in order to buy NoonX Tokens using your USDT Balance,
Select USDT and NOONX and Click Swap and You will get NOONX available in your portfolio NOONX Wallet.

Step 5: 

Go to Stake and Select available liquid options and click stake and it will be staked, that’s all you need to get it done.

You will start getting daily Staking Rewards based on APY mentioned on Liquid Options.

If you need help or looking for support you can send a support ticket or Join Our Official NoonSwap Telegram Group for quick support/Help.

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1 year ago

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Jerry Rich

Very nice airdrop project

May 13, 2022, 1:03 pm