How to Stake & Earn on NoonSwap Liquid Options?

It’s an easy staking program for all users, who are interested in buying and holding Crypto assets to maximize returns on investments. It's an extra layer of earning crypto by staking programs other...

Staking Program will help you to maximize  your tokens and also price movements to earn highest returns all time. It’s an easy method to earn APY, Just BUY Assets and Stake to start earning APY.

Check Available Liquid Options:

BUY NOONX and Stake to Earn Highest 110% / APY

1. Account creation 

Create your account on Then Submit your entire details including your name, email and password and create your account on Noonswap.

2. Deposit USDT - BEP20 

After account creation, the dashboard will be opened. Then use the BEP20 network to withdraw the  specified currency.

3.  USDT swapping 

Then choose the token and start swapping USDT to NOONX token.

4.  Staking at Noonswap liquidation exchange 

Go to Stake and Stake your NOONX Tokens at Noonswap liquidation Exchange  to earn Daily Staking Rewards for 365days. The minimum staking values are 25 NOONX = $25 USDT.

5.   Daily staking rewards 
Click on the send button. Then Cash Out your Daily Staking Rewards by Swap NOONX to USDT and withdraw anytime. 

6. Refer and Earn

Share the referral links and  Refer your Friends.  THen earn more they stake noonx 6% referral rewards. 

Get into your position now to buy NOONX and Stake to start earning today.

Technical Assistance 
Need Help, Contact any Of Telegram Admins to Help with the process or open a support ticket if you need technical help after login. 


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